New Community platform on the way

Following Green Man Gaming’s new site launch earlier this year, we have started work on introducing new community features to the platform.  We are currently transitioning our Playfire community to a new and improved community platform that will allow us to offer a richer and more engaging social community for gamers.

Our tech team have been working hard to rebuild a new proposition to make the community even better than what it is today whilst incorporating the best parts of Playfire and feedback from the community.  Their initial work on the backend, the database and integration with different platforms means that we now have a flexible and scalable platform that allows us to implement new community features and upgrades that we simply couldn’t do on the old Playfire platform.

Through feedback from the existing Playfire community, we will be continuously fine tuning the new community platform in BETA with more features and additions.  The platform is currently in development and being tested by Playfire mods and a select number of users.  Once this phase is complete, we will launch the new Community BETA on the new platform to everyone which means it will be available to over 5 million people in 195 countries.

Once we have fully transitioned to the new platform with all the features and upgrades, all existing community members will be notified in advance.

As of today, the community platform in BETA has basic features including a community homepage which includes all activity across the entire forum or buzz.  Users will be able to see what everyone is talking about and view their own activity in a separate tab.  Game pages will also feature a community section that will show overall community game stats and give users the ability to comment or start discussions about games.  All comments on the Green Man Gaming blog will also be available for comment on the master buzz.  A new profile is currently in development and will include the users’ bio and game data and achievement which will be updated automatically.

We are working on many more features and solutions to move across current Playfire content and profiles to the new platform. Watch this space!

In the meantime, we’ve answered a few popular questions from the community about this transition in our Community BETA FAQ.