By September 13, 2018Management Board

“A chartered accountant for over 20 years, Catherine started her career at Deloitte before moving on to American Express for a brief stint in the internal audit team, auditing their offices around the world. Since 2000, she has been working in the games industry at leading game publishers Eidos, Take Two and Eidos/SCI again after it was acquired by Square Enix in various senior global finance roles.

In 2012 she joined Green Man Gaming to set up the company’s first Finance team. Today, Catherine is EVP of Finance and heads up the team responsible for internal and external finance reporting as well as ensuring over 700 of the company’s game publisher partners get paid their royalties. She is a highly respected member of the senior team and is known amongst staff as someone who knows everything about the company and has literally helped to keep the company alive and afloat during its early days as a small start-up.”