By September 27, 2018Board of directors

Paul Sulyok is the founder and CEO of the Company. Paul’s working history has been extremely varied. After leaving a six year stint in the Army as an Officer, Paul worked on management strategy at GE Capital, managed a money markets team at Citibank, and was a senior project manager at the global consultancy company, Capco. In 2003 Paul founded his first business, Finscope, where he developed trading software for equity markets. In 2005 Paul furthered his entrepreneurial expertise and entered the gaming industry by launching his second start-up, PrizeFight, a site that let users bet on themselves while playing games in an attempt to combine computer games and gambling.

Paul went onto launch Green Man Gaming in 2010. He has held the role of CEO from the Group’s inception right up to its present position as a multi-million pound, award winning, global eCommerce group. Paul was appointed to the Board of the Company at incorporation on 6 September 2018.