Lesley McDiarmid heads up Corporate Partnerships at Green Man Gaming

We’re delighted to announce that Lesley McDiarmid has joined the Green Man Gaming team as Head of Corporate Partnerships.

Lesley brings her vast experience of identifying and building strong partnerships between businesses particularly in the video gaming and technology industries at a time when we’re looking at growing our B2B partnerships rapidly.

She will be leading all Corporate and B2B partnership projects at Green Man Gaming and working closely with new and current partners including Intel, Lenovo, Cyberpower PC, Origin PC and Unreal Engine.  Her role will also include identifying B2B opportunities involving Green Man Gaming’s store and technology.

Before joining us, Lesley worked at leading media titles including New Media Bay, publisher of MCV and Develop, building strong relationships with industry partners and co-ordinating marketing campaigns.

“We are very happy to have Lesley join Green Man Gaming to head up our Corporate Partnerships team as we seek to build more B2B partnerships and identify synergies with technology brands to grow the business further. Lesley’s experience and strong relationships within the industry make her a valuable asset to the Green Man Gaming team,” said Paul Sulyok, Founder and CEO of Green Man Gaming.

You can read the full press release here.