We’re very proud to announce that our very own CEO and Founder, Paul Sulyok, has been chosen as one of 100 Faces of a Vibrant Economy 2017 by Grant Thornton today.

“Faces of a Vibrant Economy” celebrates 100 business leaders every year who exemplify what it takes to develop a vibrant economy. They have been drawn from across the UK and represent diverse industries, sectors and organisations of all sizes. The leaders listed include entrepreneurs, technologists, policymakers and business visionaries – all with a common commitment to develop a vibrant economy in the UK. The Faces of a Vibrant Economy are nominated for their vision in shaping a more innovative, high-growth and purposeful business environment.

Paul is a dynamic, determined and innovative business leader with a distinguished entrepreneurial career. He is a passionate advocate of the immersive, engaging power of video games as an unrivalled form of entertainment and strives to challenge and revolutionise the consumer offer in the digital games retail space. As a founder of an international business with its headquarters in the UK, he is passionate about raising the profile of British businesses and technology internationally and constantly shares his opinions to improve the business environment for British companies and the technology industry as a whole.

The full list of the 100 Faces of a Vibrant Economy can be found here.