Green Man Gaming is proud to announce that it has raised £1800 for one of its key charity partners, SpecialEffect.

A charity which helps physically-disabled people enjoy video games, the organisation uses bespoke solutions such as eye-gaze technology and modified controllers to assist in making some of the world’s most popular gaming titles inclusive and accessible for all.

To raise money for SpecialEffect, Green Man Gaming offered a raffle prize of a £3000 holiday at the IRL industry event, run by trade magazine MCV/Develop. This raised a total of £900, which Green Man Gaming are matching to make a total of £1800. The money raised at IRL will contribute to SpecialEffect’s annual fundraiser, One Special Day.

Green Man Gaming’s founder and CEO, Paul Sulyok, said: “We are very excited to have partnered with MCV/DEVELOP for their IRL event, and even more thrilled to have raised money for our friends at SpecialEffect, who make such a difference to so many lives.”

Click below to watch a short video from SpecialEffect. You can also make a contribution to the fundraiser here.