Green Man Gaming launches two new currencies on the store: Australian and Canadian dollar

Local currency pricing to ensure the best deals and no conversion charges for customers

London, UK 7  March 2019 – Green Man Gaming is to introduce local currency pricing for customers in Australia and Canada from today.

The move comes in direct response to customer feedback, bringing more convenience, the best deals across Green Man Gaming’s extensive games portfolio, and no charges for currency conversion. It further extends the company’s continued internationalisation strategy, which as a truly global platform serves almost 5 million customers in 195 countries. The addition of these new currencies means that Green Man Gaming customers can now buy games in 18 different local currencies.

Customers in Australia and Canada will now see games priced in their local currency, with any remaining Green Man Gaming credit in their account automatically converted to Australian or Canadian dollar respectively.

Paul Sulyok, CEO and Founder of Green Man Gaming said:

“Offering our customers across the world a localised, simple and convenient experience is what Green Man Gaming stands for. As a global platform already handling payments in multiple currencies, it was a natural development to extend our local currency pricing plans to our community in Australia and Canada who been very patiently waiting for us to introduce this. We hope this will improve their purchasing experience and thank them for their continued support.”