Green Man Gaming have announced today that they have partnered with Ubisoft to be able to offer automatic Uplay PC key redemption for games on the Uplay PC client.

This means that instead of copying Uplay PC keys over into the Uplay PC client to activate a game after purchase, a button press will automatically activate the game on your Uplay account.

Green Man Gaming mention that this will not only make redeeming Uplay PC keys for Ubisoft titles easier, but it will also add an extra layer of security for the game Uplay PC key, as it will not be revealed at any point in the redemption process.

Paul Sulyok, founder and CEO of Green Man Gaming, had this to say of the new feature: “We are constantly looking to improve the experience of buying games for our customers. We know that the priority for any gamer is to be able to get to the game as quickly as possible without having to spend their time dealing with copying and pasting Uplay PC key codes, launching multiple clients and logging in to a bunch of different services,”

He went on to add: “We are always looking for new methods that allow our customers to purchase and play their games as quickly as possibly. Green Man Gaming’s integration with the Uplay PC client simplifies the redemption process giving gamers a fast, reliable and secure way to activate their Ubisoft games direct from Green Man Gaming.”