By January 17, 2019

The site went live in May with a few hundred games from 26 publishers. We launched with a penny game sale and within the first few hours we were surprised by the initial rush of customers from Japan and India. This was the moment we knew we had to think global instead of going with our initial strategy of focusing on Europe first. We were global from the start.

The idea for Green Man Gaming sprung up in 2009 when our founder, Paul, was catching up with Lee, one of the founding members of the company, at the ‘Green Man’ pub in Riding House Street in London. They were talking about the future of the games industry and what gamers wanted from a digital platform. What was missing was a platform that allowed gamers to buy and trade-in their games in one place so they went ahead and built it. Green Man Gaming Limited was set up officially in September in a very small office in Bloomsbury.